Adopt your logistics for the future

We have experienced a tough 2020, but companies now need to adapt their logistics for the new challenges of our exciting future.

The movement, storage and flow of goods have been directly impacted, starting from the potential challenges generated by COVID-19, Brexit paperwork, e-commerce growth, containers soaring costs and various issues related to lack of warehouse space in the country.

From my experience, I think that the following are critical issues that companies should now be addressing:

the future of logistics
1. Delivery services need to be improved.

With an e-commerce market growing at a rate of 22% per year, it’s not surprising that organizations require minute-by-minute tracking in all parts of the world, developing cost efficiencies while guaranteeing timely delivery as well as forecasting potential problems and having backup plans. Last-mile distribution becomes a crucial part of the global supply chain, because of the change in consumers’ behaviour. Delivery needs customised solutions to meet expectations for fast fulfilment of orders.


2. Importers need to think strategically about their sea freight operations.

UK importers are facing soaring freight costs amid a global shipping crisis that may last months. A shortage of empty shipping containers in Asia and bottlenecks at the UK’s deep sea-ports are behind the problems. Early bookings, re-routings, strong carriers and strategic negotiations are only some of the proactive actions we can take as back up plans.

3. These other areas also need attention.

Intermodal– transportation requiring strategies to create seamless links between trucks, ships, planes, and delivery to customers (E.g. we are working with customers needing guidance on space optimisation, transport variable costs, delivery terms, transportation routing and planning)

Transportation Management needing to provide end-to-end visibility and clear planning of the Supply chain processes.

Last mile delivery requiring a seamless flow of logistics operations across fulfilment, warehousing, technology and robotics. (E.g. some clients require support with inventory location, fulfilment solutions analysis, distribution modelling, logistics systems integrations, and space management)

How we can help you

At LogistCompare we have pro-actively worked with our customers to source warehouse space & fulfilment services. During these challenging times, we have learned of the broad industry issues you are facing now, and will be facing as the environment changes. We have therefore created tailored solutions to help you. Our mission is to be able to offer, in addition to our online platform dynamic, some sector specific and custom-built solutions to help you, including services that:

> Analyse your supply chain processes and devise strategies to make notable savings.

> Assess cost drivers to improve costs and supply chain efficiencies.

> Align your logistics processes for improved and streamlined operations.

> Analyse your workflows, identify problem areas and implement change.

> Assess your transport operations and advise best cost savings strategies.

> Review your warehouse operations & fulfilment data to define strategies to improve current operations & minimise costs.

> Run logistics tenders on your behalf. A typical tender process includes: gathering data, set up service levels, produce RFP document to send to bidders, Rates implementation, negotiation and benchmarking, establish QBR’s and arrange logistics presentations before awarding business to suitable logistics providers.


Our knowledge and skills will enable you to free up the time you need to manage your business, and its growth, more cost effectively. For more details email